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How Cannabis Laws in the ACT Has Changed Lives

australian marijuana regulations, changes and effects

For nearly 2 years, residents of the Australian Capital Territory have been able to grow and consume their own marijuana plants – however, there are some limitations.

Growers of cannabis must remain in the personal use bracket. Pot plants must be grown outdoors without artificial lighting.

This can be looked as a massive drawback but the Australian government insists you do this to remain legally permitted.

Laws on Cannabis Legalisation in The ACT

Currently, in the Australian Capital Territory, it is legal to grow up 2 plants person or 4 plants per household. However, as mentioned, you must grow outdoors without artificial lights.

Its interesting to note, marijuana growing in the ACT will become increasingly popular – as more people will want to grow their own as they know whats in it. You can grow weed without the nasty chemicals, pesticides or PGR.

You can stay organic.

When you grow your own ganja, you know what your putting in. If you are unable to grow weed with chemicals due to a dislike, you can opt to use natural fertilisers and growing mediums to still have great results.

Its organic. Don’t panic.

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