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Take a pick from Aussie Regular, Feminised and Autoflowering cannabis seeds online. All deliveries are quick and guaranteed Australia wide.

All orders are dispatched in stealth, and both delivery and germination are unconditionally guaranteed.

We are among the greatest cannabis seed banks in Australia, providing an impressive range of top-notch, quickly growing seeds with validated, stabilised genetics. We offer a large range of feminised, CBD, normal, autoflowering, and mixed cannabis seeds at all reasonable costs to suit the preferences of every cannabis enthusiast.

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Our cannabis seedbank features for Australians

Cannabis Seeds Australia

Buy the best marijuana seeds in Australia. Our OZ seed bank serves to provide the best Aussie marijuana seeds for growing in our unpredictable climate. Rest assured our cannabis seeds will grow very well even under the harshest of weather conditions in Australia.

Check out the new Weed Seeds Australia website https://www.weedseedsaustralia.com/ today to see the new strains on offer down under.

Looking to buy seeds from a marijuana seed bank for Australia?  We are a small team based from NSW, Australia, and we aim to preserve the genetics of cannabis in Australia.

We do not sell marijuana seeds or help those who we believe maybe breaking their local laws AND we don’t talk about the germination or growing of cannabis in Australia.

We do however, provide links to marijuana seed banks that will ship to you in Australia.

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Stealth Shipping of Cannabis Seeds to Australia

All our cannabis seeds are sent in stealth to Australia from our cannabis seed bank overseas. We send all seeds down under and offer free marijuana seeds and live chat support for growers.

Weed Seeds Australia Offers

Currently, we offer feminised, autoflower and regular marijuana seeds for Aussies.

All our seeds are from Herbies and have very high germination rates, properly bred, reputable, high quality and supreme genetics.

Reviews of our Cannabis Seeds

We use Herbies seed bank and don’t stuff around when it comes to yarndi seeds. All of our products will not disappoint you. Check out our reviews on Facebook, Reviews.io, GrassCity and Rollitup.

Our Reviews on Australian Weed Seeds

If you visit the above websites, you can search our name to get more information about us. Plus you can talk to others who have purchased from our marijuana seed bank for Australia.

Do We Sell Indica, Sativa and Autoflower Cannabis Seeds for Australia?

Our marijuana seedbank for Australia offers all types of cannabis seeds for interested cannabis enthusiasts. All three cannabis strains are available for purchase at the official seed bank.

Once you have reached the official weed seed bank and made a choice on your strain, the next move is to study it closely and see if it’s adequately suited to you.

Some strains may not be to your liking so it’s a good idea to research it and find out if its for you.

There are different effects from each strain. Generally speaking, a good Indica will couch-lock you, a good Sativa will give you a social high, where as Ruderalis (autoflower) isn’t too exciting unless bred with the other two strains.