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Weed Seeds Australia, unique Aussie Seed Bank.

We love Australia and want to preserve the genetics of one of the most beneficial plant species on earth.

Cannabis has been known to exhibit medical properties with Australia finally seeing the benefits of the plant medically.

We sell mystery cannabis seeds of regular variety to all states and territories in Australia. We also use stealth shipping with AusPost.

If your seeds don’t arrive or turn out as expected, we will refund you or replace the order.

What We Do

We are one of Australia’s most rapidly expanding cannabis breeders, offering an incredible selection of high-quality, quickly sprouting seeds with validated, stabilised genetics. For every cannabis enthusiast’s preference, we have a large collection of feminised, CBD, normal, autoflowering, and hybrid cannabis seeds available online at all reasonable costs.

Fresh Cannabis Seeds of the Best Quality

We guarantee each seed that we provide. Cannabis seeds of the greatest quality are always available to all of our customers at Marijuana Seeds thanks to our stringent gathering, testing, and packaging procedures. We exclusively sell high-grade Cannabis seeds; we don’t offer any seeds of inferior quality. Guaranteed to be 100 percent fresh, organic, and checked to make sure they will be in the best shape when you put your hands on them.

High-Quality Cannabis Strains

We only provide the highest-quality cannabis strains with superior genetics. Because of this, we are able to serve a diverse group of producers who gain a variety of advantages from using our high-quality goods.

Guaranteed Discreet Delivery

Our first goal is protecting your privacy. We understand the value of secrecy, so for clients anywhere in the world, we mail them directly to you using ultra-stealthy shipping. You can place your order with us right now with the utmost confidence thanks to our 100% non stress induicing delivery promise.

Quick and simple Auto Flower Seeds

Marijuana Seeds is focused on making your growing experience as pleasurable as it is productive. Being among the fastest-growing marijuana breeders, our best cultivars have given success to amateurs all over the area. Our products are made to be 100% straightforward and simple to grow, making them a great option for covert, outdoor “guerrilla” growing and summer planting.

Develop your own. Own the cigarette. Buy Autoflowering Marijuana seeds to learn the quickest way to cultivate your own buds in Australia.