Our Disclaimer

Weed-Seeds-Australia.Com does not want or endorse individuals or groups to act in conflict with their local laws. This website is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Cannabis Seeds can only be imported in Australia for strictly research/medical purposes only. If you do not hold the right licenses and government approvals from both Australia and external countries, you can not import marijuana seeds into the country. Doing so will put anyone in peril of the law and its relevant punishments.

Cannabis Seeds are strictly illegal to be germinated, trafficked, and/or used in non-medical forms in Australia unless individuals hold the proper permits/valid prescription to use marijuana. Questions and/or queries regarding the germination or cultivation of cannabis seeds will lead to a refusal to sell in most circumstances with any cannabis seed bank.

In terms of the law, and ultimately, cannabis seeds are to be used only for either medical purposes or non-cannabis related uses, such as simply collecting seeds or keeping them for souvenir purposes.