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If you are looking for the best cannabis seed bank Australia, you are right where you need to be. We are writing to you today to showcase our favourite seedbank which has won our hearts for many years now.

First we need to clarify a few things, that is what we think is the best in our opinion. We have 3 things in mind which need to be factored in before purchasing any marijuana seeds down under. The first thing we look at is quality, secondly is stealth delivery and last but not least is price.

Why is quality so important when choosing a Seedbank? 

Quality is important due to the known defected strains that some marijuana breeders offer. Some breeders do not know how to preserve the genetics of well known strains. Instead they brand any seed with whatever name sells in hopes they will make a sale. This is not proper conduct and should not be supported. When looking for a cannabis seed bank one must consider the reputation of the supplier before any purchases.

Why is stealth delivery significant when buying seeds?

Simple answer is; theres no point buying seeds if they are found by customs. Although we have hardly heard of any bad stories when purchasing seeds online, it is still a good precaution to take before purchasing. The best seeds are hidden in things such as hats, shirts, trail mix etc

Why is price a big thing when buying seeds?

When you buy seeds at high prices it can really adversely affect anyones budget. There are seed banks in Australia which price seeds over the $300 mark simply for 5 or 10 seeds. That kind of pricing is simply outrageous. We prefer to pay under $100 for something which is just as good.


Now What? 

Please refer to our homepage to visit our number 1 pick. There you will find the cannabis seedbank of our choice!

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