Are There Any Cannabis Seed Banks Which Ship To Australia?

Are There Any Cannabis Seed banks Which Ship To Australia?

Simple Answer: Yes!

There are plenty of cannabis seed banks which ship to Australia. The burning questions to bear in mind however are; the purity of the cannabis strains available in the seedbank; specific to its genetic phenotype, variety of cannabis strains, concealment of cannabis seeds and speed of delivery.

Now what was mentioned above is the hard part. Lucky for you, we’ve created this website to help Australians out there purchase some quality seeds from quality providers.

We just need your help! Along with who ever else you can find that is willing to view, list and rate the cannabis seed banks that sprawl the earth.

With this help, we can determine which seed banks are scams and which ones to spend your money on.


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Our cannabis seeds in Australia are of prime genetics. Have a look at our main website to view our seedbanks collection.

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